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Transparent Costs
From the Start

Offerings That Are Easy to Understand

The Fiduciary Standard vs the Suitability Standard

We are first and foremost a fiduciary firm, which means we believe that tailored financial solutions are critical to your success, and we will always put your interests before ours. By operating a boutique advisory, as opposed to an “assembly line” approach offered by larger RIAs, we are able to connect with you in a more personable and impactful way.

You are as unique as the specific circumstances in your life, which is why we offer customized options. Whether you’re ready to purchase a home, expand your family or change careers, our firm will work with you to address your goals and life transitions. As a group, we are very hands-on and service-oriented with your needs at the forefront of our work. As we foster frequent communication with you, we are able to remain up-to-date on the goings on of your finances as well as your life goals.

What We Charge

Our pricing model is designed with transparency in mind. We believe in being up front about what we offer and what you can expect from us.

Our Assets Under Management (AUM) Fees

Assets ManagedAnnual Fee as a % of Account Value
First $2,000,0000.80%
Next $2,000,0000.50%
Above $4,000,0000.30%

The value of Real Advice

*There is a minimum fee of $3,000 annually (equivalent to $375,000 of Assets Under Management). This may also be in the form of a $250/month flat fee.

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